By: David Ruff

Bidding Wars - How it Works and How To Play The Game

Tags: Toronto, Home Sales, Auction

Have you ever lost a bidding war?  Bidding wars happen a lot of the time, especially in hot markets like Toronto. So what do you need to win at this real restate game and not miss out? Knowledge. Arming yourself with as much information as you can before entering into the bidding war can mean the difference between buying your dream home, or walking away empty handed! A...Read More

By: David Ruff

Backyard Design Tips and Cautions

Tags: Toronto, Backyard, Design Tips

Wondering what to do in your backyard? A lot of people think these things like pools, and hot tubs add value to their homes. For some buyers these things are viewed as added time, and money to upkeep or remove.      ...Read More

By: David Ruff

Price Appreciation of GTA Detached Homes

Tags: Home Prices, Toronto, GTA

It's pretty simple: as the demand for detached homes in GTA skyrocket, so do prices. Home prices are up as much as 25% year-over-year in some areas! Want to know the value of your property now?          ...Read More