Top 5 Canadian Cities for Growth in 2020

By: David Ruff

Top 5 Canadian Cities for Growth in 2020

Tags: Real Estate Investing, Property Value, Wealth Building

These Canadian cities are great places for property value growth and for investing in real estate. Some of these places may not be the ones you expect. So here are the top cities that made the most money in 2020. Coming at number one is Ottawa with 19.9%. This is the number one place in Canada to have an investment for the reason that there are so many immigrants coming in. Because of this, there...Read More

By: David Ruff

House vs Condo - Get the Best of Both Worlds

Tags: Homes in Toronto, Condominium, Properties for Sale

  Houses and condos both have benefits and pitfalls. This is one way to get the best of both in one.   ...Read More

By: David Ruff

Property Investing the Smart Way

Tags: Investment Property, Real Estate investing, Real Estate Wealth

Break it down now: we advise our clients what to do to be successful property investors and how to get there. ...Read More

By: David Ruff

Family-Friendly Bathroom Renovations

Tags: Home Renovation, Bathroom Remodelling, Property Value

Need better functionality for your family or to entice prospective buyers? A low-cost remodel can do the trick. ...Read More

By: David Ruff

Investment Advice: Property Owners in Toronto Right Now

Tags: Real Estate Investment, Landlord, Sellers

We are always looking out for our clients. As the market changes so do things for owners to consider. ...Read More

By: David Ruff

Luxurious Design and Decor Ideas

Tags: Interior Design, Luxury Real Estate, Toronto

Stunning features take space beyond beautiful, into a work of art. ...Read More

By: David Ruff

Key Indicator For the Value of A Property

Tags: Condos, Investment Properties,, Resale Value

When you own property, many things can affect the property value. We keep a close eye on this one for our clients to preserve the value of their investment. ...Read More

By: David Ruff

Curb Appeal 101

Tags: Landscaping, Home Design, Front Entrance

Curb appeal is the fastest way you can make a great first impression with your home. A little creativity can take care of otherwise unsightly fixtures.  ...Read More

By: David Ruff

Home VR Setup

Tags: Home Entertainment, Home Technology, Virtual Relaity

You may see this when touring homes as a buyer. It's a subtle but increasingly common trend - the future is here!   ...Read More

By: David Ruff

Mastering the Backyard

Tags: Outdoor Entertaining, Backyard, Landscaping

A backyard doesn't have to be just about grass and plants. Here are 5 great ideas to use alone or put together for a great functional backyard that will also attract future buyers ...Read More