By: David Ruff

Home VR Setup

Tags: Home Entertainment, Home Technology, Virtual Relaity

You may see this when touring homes as a buyer. It's a subtle but increasingly common trend - the future is here!   ...Read More

By: David Ruff

Mastering the Backyard

Tags: Outdoor Entertaining, Backyard, Landscaping

A backyard doesn't have to be just about grass and plants. Here are 5 great ideas to use alone or put together for a great functional backyard that will also attract future buyers ...Read More

Tips to Make Your Staircase a Feature in Your Home

By: David Ruff

Tips to Make Your Staircase a Feature in Your Home


People rarely want to touch their stairs for a revamp because upgrading them is so expensive. High-quality, solid wood stairs with glass inserts actually make the room open and more spacious. It may be expensive but it really sets off the whole room. There is also a way to know the quality and how expensive a wooden stair is. As a tip coming from my background as a woodworker, always look on the s...Read More

By: David Ruff

Kitchen Renovation Tips

Tags: Kitchen Design, Home Renovation, Remodelling

There are clear design trends for kitchens if you are going to sell or renovate your home. Beauty meets functionality! ...Read More

By: David Ruff


Tags: Finished Basement, Home Renovation, Home Remodel

Gone are the days where a basement is a secondary, unused part of the home and feels, well - like a basement. ...Read More

By: David Ruff

Whole Home Renovation Inspiration

Tags: Home Renovation, Home Remodelling, Interior Design

Other than flipping a property, it's not that common to renovate an entire house. Look no further for renovation inspiration from top to bottom. ...Read More

By: David Ruff

Caution When Considering a Tiling DIY

Tags: Tilling, Kitchen Renovation, DIY Disaster

Lots of things can be good DIY projects, but others should be left to professionals. Tiling is on that list to make sure you get a top notch result that doesn't create problems. ...Read More

By: David Ruff

Renovation Trends: Kitchen

Tags: Kitchen Renovation, Kitchen Design, Home Upgrades

Here's one hot trend for kitchens whether you are buying or renovating a home. Where we dine at home has changed in the 21st Century! ...Read More

By: David Ruff

Making the Most of Your Basement

Tags: Renovation Ideas, Design Ideas, House Remodeling

Simple steps are all you need to optimize the use and resale value your property can bring you! ...Read More

By: David Ruff

Neighbourhood Feature: Leslieville

Tags: Toronto, East End Homes, Leslieville Homes

 Leslieville, still feels very much like a small village. It's cozy houses, quaint stores, and tree lined streets, seem surprisingly serene and peaceful considering Leslieville's close proximity to downtown Toronto. Most of Leslieville's residents were either market gardeners or were employed at one of several brick making companies that used to operate in the area. One of the fi...Read More

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