3 Ways the Government Helps You Make More Money on Properties

By: David Ruff

3 Ways the Government Helps You Make More Money on Properties

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Printing more currency, low interest rates, and more people coming into the country.
The Canadian government has told you how to make a lot of money. Here are the three main reasons you can make more money on properties:

  1. Devaluing the currency by printing hundreds of billions of dollars. Your mortgage will never go up, but the asset will. Free money. This is one great impact on the people.
  2. Secondly, they've already said that the interest rate will stay at 0.25% until 2023. This is a historically low interest rate. Lowest interest rate in 5000 years. Crazy right?
  3. Thirdly, bringing more immigrants to the country. The government just announced that they’ll be bringing a million people to Canada. Within two years, this fast migration process will boost Canada’s population and the demand for real estate properties. Builders cannot keep up.


These three things are going to change everything in Canada, especially in Toronto since 40% of these immigrants typicall stay there. However, there is a lack of houses or residential properties already which will push the prices of homes up. If you're an owner or into real estate investing, this is something you can take advantage of.

Featured Image by Brent Lewin/Bloomberg

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