Who is the Ruff Team?

We are a real estate team led by Broker David Ruff operating out of Remax Urban Toronto.



What area do you work in?

We work where our clients need. We specialize in downtown Toronto and also work a lot in the Greater Toronto Area or in other areas of Ontario.



What’s the first thing to do to buy or sell a property?

Find a Realtor who is knowledgeable and can provide you with top expertise throughout the process and become a client.



What does it mean to be a client?

A client has entered into a relationship with a Realtor by contract (as a buyer or seller) to whom we provide our full suite of services, including fiduciary (legal) responsibility to represent their interests in the real estate transaction.



Does it cost money to be a client?

Buyer clients who are under contract receive all services for free.


Seller clients pay closing costs and a pre-agreed commission upon the closing of the sale of their home. We only get paid if you sell your home for a price that is acceptable to you.



What if I don’t want to sign a contract?

A seller must sign a contract to sell their house with us.


A buyer can be a customer of a Realtor, which means they not under contract. The Realtor works in their best interest but customers only have access to limited services.



Can I work with multiple Realtors at the same time?

No. It is not permitted for a Realtor to provide any services to buyers or sellers who are under contract with another Realtor. It is considered poor form to work with several Realtors even if they are not under contract.